I have been in the technology field for over 30 years.  I started as an electronic technician for a research and development company and worked up to an IT manager. I also have wrote programs, setup and repaired computer systems and PCs, installed and modified wired and wireless networks, and worked with audio/visual systems.

I can help you with your technology solutions. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Based in Louisville, NE.

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Affordable Home Audio/Video

Home theater systems and/or whole house audio/video does not have to be expensive. A very nice system can be put together with off the shelf components. This eliminates the costly central control unit and programming costs. It also makes future repairs and modifications less expensive. There are trade offs and we can explain and discuss your needs.

We can also handle your system if it requires a central control unit.

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Both wired and wireless networks are becoming a part of any home or small business. If it is not setup correctly, you could be leaving yourself open to hacking and identity theft. Wireless networks are especially vulnerable because hackers can connect without your knowledge. Each wireless network at the minimum should have:

– WPA2 encryption
– a custom admin password
– admin access only accessible via a wired connection
– a custom SSID

If you question your network setup, contact us to check your wireless configuration and give you some peace of mind.

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We can help whether you need some work on your PC, smart home, whole house audio/video, security systems or any technology solution.

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